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LeadRobot integrates seamlessly into your call centre, enriching inbound calls in real-time, giving your agents a full view of contactability, demographic, and predictive data by the time they pick up the phone.

Data Intelligence. Revolutionised.

Become an AI-driven Call Center

With LeadRobot you can put the power of data science into the hands of your call center agents, capitalizing on their domain expertise and driving business value exponentially faster.

Our Data Points

Contactability Data

Append and verify key contactability markers such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Personal Details

Addition of key missing personal details such as forename, surname, dates of birth, and addresses.

Relational Data

Identify family structure data, cohabitation data, and co-directorship data

Marital Status

Identify marriage status and agreements - gain valuable insight for pension de-risking exercises.

Digital Readiness

Identify social profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and more. Use for communication planning.

Demographic Data

Socio-demographic data reveal deep consumer insights

Affluence Markers

Affluence markers such as property ownership and values, company directorships, predicted income.

Property Ownership

Ownership descriptions and property values from government records.

Employment Data

Find Employment data such as current employer, role, seniority, and employment history

Motor Data

Public motor ownership data, vehicle type, year, make and model

Our Predictive Scores

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