Keep track of your leads or customers and get alerted to key changes

Monitor individuals, get notified when there are key changes to the subject’s registered details such as contactability, property ownership, marriage status and more.

Data Intelligence. Revolutionised.

Keep Your Data Up to Date

With LeadRobot's Key Change Alerts, you can be notified of any updates to a lead or customer's consumer profile. Alerts can be used to keep your database up to date and to alert sales or marketing teams to actionable events.

Our Key Change Data Points

Contactability Data

Track changes on key contactability markers such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Personal Details

Be alerted to name and surname changes, change of physical adress

Marital Status

Changes in marital status. New spouse data.

Affluence Markers

Affluence markers such as property ownership and values, company directorships, predicted income.

Property Ownership

New property ownership, changes in ownership descriptions and property values.

Employment Data

Changes to current employer or role.

Motor Data

New vehicle ownership, changes in ownership descriptions.

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