Become an AI-driven Enterprise

With LeadRobot you can put the power of data science into the hands of your marketing and sales departments, capitalizing on their domain expertise and driving business value exponentially faster.


Prioritise outbound efforts for better returns.


Segment and communicate appropriate offers.


Segment and nurture unready leads.


Entice cold and unlikely leads with better offers.
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Accelerate productivity

LeadRobot's automated enrichment and AI driven predictive insights platform enables your team to extract value from data, orders of magnitude faster than anything else on the market.

Deep big and little data insights into previously unknown customer metrics allow your sales force to become leaner and more focused, improving their conversion rate, average deal size and cross-sell/upsell potential.

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Impact the bottom line

Eliminate expensive resource wastage and stop throwing good marketing money after bad leads, accurately segment your leads, predict their future value, and deliver them personalised offers in their own language.

With LeadRobot your existing team can turn historical sales data into actionable information and develop sales funnels with confidence. Better data insights, automated lead scoring, and a richer view of the customer translates into immediate cost savings and considerable new revenue opportunities.

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